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Flavor vaping ban will come to effect in Netherlands in 2023


Refer to prohibit vaping flavors , the Dutch government has a long discussion about it .Recently after a brief public consultation, the government has announced that it will release its plan to prohibit vaping flavors except tobacco, although the decision has been delayed for 2 times. In the final decision, the government listed the limited ingredients which can be used for reformulating the vaping flavors.


In the new regulation , the flavored vaping products can be produced until July 1st 2023, and sold until Oct 1st 2023. This regulation ban applies to almost all the nicotine-containing and zero-nicotine eliquids, bottle vape juice, prefilled pods and disposable vape devices.


According to Dutch public broadcaster NOS, in the new ban , it regulates manufacturers can not use words or images on packages that refer to anything but tobacco.


Besides the Netherlands, more six European countries have prohibited non-tobacco flavors. In Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary and Lithuania, flavored vape restrictions are already in place, and Ukraines flavor ban will take effect in July 2023. No European country has an outright ban on all vape products.

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