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China New Regulation on carrying and mailing vape products


China New Regulation on carrying and mailing vape products

On Sept 30, 2022, the STMA released two draft notices on the limits for the number of vape products that individuals are permitted to mail or carry across borders. The limits are based upon the provisions of the Tobacco Monopoly Law and the Measures for the Administration of Vape / Electronic Cigarettes, as well as auxiliary laws and regulations.

The limits for the number of vape products that can be carried across borders per person per trip are:

· Maximum 150 e-cigarette cartridges (liquid atomizers)

· Maximum 10 e-cigarette devices

· Maximum 150 products sold in combination with cartridges and smoking accessories (such as disposable vapes )

· Maximum 300ml of atomizers, such as e-liquids and nicotine used in vape products

Meanwhile, for sending vape products via mail, the limits are as following:

· Maximum of six e-cigarette cartridges (liquid atomizers), with a maximum of 12ml of total e-liquid capacity

· Maximum of two 2 vape devices

· Maximum of six vape products (such as disposable vapes, etc.) sold in combination with cartridges and vape devices, with a maximum of 12ml of total e-liquid capacity

· Maximum 12ml of atomizers, such as e-liquid and nicotine used in vape products

Individuals are only permitted to send one parcel of the above vape products per day and are not permitted to send multiple parcels.

If a person needs to send e-cigarette products in excess of the above limits for special circumstances, such as sending product off for technical review, quality supervision and inspection, or identification testing, then a certificate issued by the local tobacco monopoly department will be required.

E-cigarette distributing companies who have obtained tobacco monopoly license to transport and send e-cigarette products with other distributing companies must do so in accordance with the relevant rules of the tobacco monopoly department.

These requirements are subject to public comments until October 30, 2022, and therefore the STMA has not yet announced when they will come into effect.

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