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About ELFBAR and Elfbar Disposables


ELFBAR, recognized as the biggest-selling disposable vape brand in the world, recently was a hot topic in vape industry home and abroad. Since there are 2 big bang news about this vape brand.

The first big bang news is that ELFBAR has been sued for trademark infringement in the United States, and they will have to change a new name instead in the United States. The ELFBAR name will continue to be used in the Europe and other markets worldwide.

The new brand will be EBDESIGN in the U.S., and EBDESIGN-branded products will be distributing by U.S. vape wholesalers and retailers in a couple of weeks.

The second big bang news is that recently ELFBAR released British American Tobacco (BAT) sought a potential acquisition with them late last year, but after few months of meeting and discussion, Elfbar finally refused the BATs offer. This news was confirmed by ElfBar spokesman, it was approached by BAT to acquire the brand. But theres no any comment from BATs side until now .

One more interesting thing, earlier march 2023, BAT supplied local Trading Standards teams with laboratory tests of 71 batches of Elfbar 600, which it said demonstrated consistent and widespread overfilling. BAT also alerted wholesalers and retailers in UK ”You will of course be fully alive to the risks of corporate and personal liability arising from the sale of non-compliant products”.

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