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Your best cbd live resin oil disposable vape pen - D Max Pen 2.0ml 600 Puffs


The D-MAX Pen CBD Live Resin Oil Disposable Vape features cut-edging DCore film ceramic heating technology, delivering more even and higher heating efficiency for a pure and original cannabis oil vaping experience. 

The centerless metal post design makes for easy and quick oil filling. With a 2ml oil capacity and featured film ceramic heating tech , this cbd disposable vape is suitable for a variety of cannabis oil viscosity, like : D8 Oil, D9 Oil, D10 Oil, Live Resin Oil, Rosin Oil... , and puffs up to 600 puffs .

Multiple color options are available to meet the needs of different customers. If you're interested in this D-MAX Pen CBD / Live Resin Oil Disposable Vape, contact the manufacturer for customization options.

Features and Specifications:

● Oil Capacity:  2.0 ml 
● New D-Core Feelm Heating Technology
● Resistance : 1.4Ω±0.1Ω
● Material of Body:Aluminum Oxide
● Material of Mouthpiece:PCTG
● No Clogging, more smooth smoking
● Easy filling, easy machine filling
● Battery Capacity: 350mAh
● Bottom Micro Charging Port 
● Dimension: 113mm*13.5mm 

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