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Live Resin Cannabis Oil

Live resin oil is a relatively new cannabis extract that is gaining popularity in the cannabis market in the United States. Compared to traditional cannabis extracts, Live resin oil retains more of the plant's compounds during the extraction process, resulting in a stronger fragrance and more powerful effect.

Live resin oil is made in a different way than other cannabis extracts. Typically, cannabis plants are frozen after being picked to retain the active ingredients in them. Then, through a special extraction method, the frozen cannabis plant is transformed into a concentrated oil. The key to this extraction process is to maintain the freshness and activity of the cannabis plant, resulting in a higher quality oil.

Since Live resin oil retains more of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant, it has a stronger fragrance and a higher effect. This has made it a popular choice among cannabis users. Whether used for medical or recreational purposes, Live resin oil provides a more powerful effect.

When choosing the right vape equipment, it is necessary to consider the concentration and viscosity of the Live resin oil. Due to the high viscosity of Live resin oil, it is necessary to use vape equipment suitable for thick oil. 
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