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Postless Live Resin Disposable Cannabis Vape Pod by DICAN


Postless Live Resin Disposable Cannabis Vape Pod is quite different from traditional disposable cannabis vape. A distinctive feature, is the absence of a central metal post. this vape uses new advanced ceramic heating technology, no need central metal post , bring consumers an unparalleled cannabis experience.

The distinctive features of Postless Live Resin Disposable Cannabis Vape Pod :

Wickless & Cotton Free Design: This vape use a totally new ceramic heating core , with no cotton wrap the heating coil, we called it “ film printing ceramic heating core “, which is much more complicated and advanced than the traditional cylinder ceramic heating core.

No Oil Contact with Metal Parts: Postless disposables prioritize safety by ensuring that no heavy metals come into direct contact with the Cannabis oils. This eliminates the possibility of heavy metals contamination and no worries about the metal - oil corrosion, providing more safe and healthy cannabis vaping .

Free Central Metal Post Design: This disposables cannabis vape features a postless design, meaning compared with old version disposable cannabis vape , there is no central metal post . This new structure will offer clear view window allows users to see the oil level and greatly increase the efficiency of cannabis oil absorption and vaporization.

Easy Filling: These postless disposables vape feature a larger filling hole, making the oil filling process faster and effortless. Filling the device with your desired cannabis oil is a hassle-free task and greatly save labor cost .

Why Choose Postless Live Resin Disposable Cannabis Vape Pod Manufactured By DICAN ?

· Tested High-quality products. Our products have been tested by U.S partners with hundreds of cannabis oils produced by different plant in USA, like: Delta 9, Live Resin & Rosin Oil, Distillated Oils ...etc, Watt 4-5W and 6W alternatives , have a particularly excellent performance. It is a very mature and high quality product.

· Advanced Ceramic Heating Innovation. With long-term unremitting research and development innovation, we already gained our own core technology advantage. In particular, ceramic heating technology, compared with other ceramic heating elements on the market, we have a unique advantage to ensure that our products have an unparalleled vaporization performance than other similar products.

· Quality Warranty . Ensure less than 1% defective rate.

· Endless Customization & Branding Opportunities . DICAN offers endless customization and branding opportunities, support small brands to start their own business, making it an ideal disposable cannabis vape device for businesses seeking to promote their brand or products. With options to add custom logos, colors, and designs, the Postless Live Resin Disposable Cannabis Vape Pod is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses stand out in a crowded market.


Dimension : 18.5*9*96.5mm

Tank Capacity : 1ml & 0.5ml

Battery : 280mAh

Voltage Output : 3.6V

Tank Material : PCTG

Housing Material : Stainless Steel with soft rubber printing

Center Post : Center Metal Post Free / Post Less

Airflow : Dual Airflow

Heating Core : Di-Core Ceramic

Resistance : 2.0 ohms, 2.5 ohms, 2.7 ohms, 3.0 ohms

LED Indicator : Blue

Charging Port : Type-C

Filling Method : Open Top-Filling

Best use for cannabis oils : Distillate, Live Resin, Rosin , Delta 8, Blend Oils

Please see the product details :

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