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Your best All-In-One Postless Live Resin Vape made by DICAN


At DICAN, we know that quality cannabis oil demands quality hardware. Therefore, DICAN originally designed and manufactured the highest quality All-In-One Postless Cannabis Oil Vape - CannaSwitch, which can compete with all the same kind of postless vapes on the market, and have better performance.

Wide Oil Compatibility

CannaSwitch Vape has a wide oil compatibility. It works perfect with cannabis oil variants , like : THC Distillate , Delta 8/9, Live Resin, Hash Rosin, HHC, Blend Oils...etc. All viscosity oils in one device. Explore an extensive range of options and customize your vaping experience to your preferences.

Postless & Wickless

CannaSwitch adopts a central metal post-free configuration, which ensure free concern on the oil contamination of heavy metals. Compared with traditional vapes, this postless configuration utilize free glue and wickless. It brings more healthier and purer vaping experience .

Advanced Ceramic Heating Technology

CannaSwitch built-in advanced 2nd Generation Di-Core Ceramic Heating Technology, which greatly bring you a new level of vaping experience.It offers faster oil conduction and stable heating distribution, which gives first hit with rich and smooth vapors. Especially for high viscosity cannabis oils, no worry about the dry burn and other bad tastes .

Easy Filling

CannaSwtich features a wide-open filling hole, making the oil filling process faster and effortless. Filling the device with your desired cannabis oil is a hassle-free task and greatly save labor cost .


CannaSwitch permanently solve the clogging problem. It utilize the specially designed dual airflow anti-clogging mechanism and advanced 2nd Generation Di-Core Ceramic Heating Technology, which ensure the smooth airflow and oil conduction,and efficiently prevent the clogging and bad vaping experience.

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