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Recreational use of cannabis is legalized in Germany ?


Recreational use of cannabis is legalized in Germany ?

As reported on 10th April ,many cannabis consumers in Germany gathered in central Berlin to celebrate a new law that criminalizes personal use of cannabis into a civil penalty. The regulation, which came into effect on April 1, allows adults to own and carry 25 grams of cannabis in Germany and grow three cannabis plants in their own homes and store up to 50 grams of dried cannabis.

The law makes Germany one of the most tolerant countries in Europe for cannabis, with Malta and Luxembourg legalizing recreational consumption of cannabis in 2021 and 2023, respectively. Although the rule went into effect on April 1, consumers will still have to wait another three months before they can legally buy in a "cannabis social club." According to the regulations, these societies can have up to 500 members and distribute 50 grams of marijuana per member per month.

On the same day, Henry Plottke, a member of the German Cannabis Association (DHV), said: "We can finally reveal our identity and no longer have to hide it."

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