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The difference between Live Resin Oil and Live Rosin Oil


Live resin oil and Live rosin oil are both hemp concentrate oils extracted after heat and pressure processing, but they are obtained through different extraction techniques, so their properties, taste and smoke effects are slightly different.

Live resin oil is obtained by deep freezing of freshly picked, still undried cannabis flowers and then immediately extracting them by dissolving acrylonitrile. This process retains many effective compounds in cannabis flower, such as terpenes and flavonoids, so its THC content is higher and the effect is stronger, the taste and smell are more intense, the taste is richer, and it is a high-quality concentrated cannabis oil.

Live rosin oil is a form of cannabis concentrate extracted through heat and pressure, so its production process does not require any solvents. This method can produce a much pure, unadulterated hemp concentrate oil with a fresher taste and softer smell. Since no solvents are used, it is also more natural and healthy.

In general, Live resin oil and Live rosin oil differ in consistency. Live resin oil is typically thicker than Live rosin oil because it uses a solvent extraction method, which makes Live resin oil contain more cannabis resin. In contrast, Live rosin oil does not use any chemical solvents to extract, so it tends to be thinner than Live resin oil, but it is also more transparent, and for many consumers, its taste is fresher.

It is important to note that these concentration differences are not absolute, and the consistency of Live resin oil and Live rosin oil also depends on factors such as the variety used by the manufacturer, heat, pressure, and extraction process.

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