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The Ultra Innovative Solution to Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC Oil By Dican Vape


Innovation makes better life ! At Dican, we dedicated to create advanced vape devices for cannabis oils, like Delta 8 THC Oil, Delta 9 THC Oil, CBD Oil, Mixed Oils, to meet and even beyond customers expectations. Now we release next level  Postless disposable vapes - Ultra, welcome to contact for products details and samples for trial.

Please note that the Di-Core ceramic heating technology has been updated. The configuration of the ceramic core has been redesigned and a dual mesh coil has been incorporated, offering twice the heating surface of a traditional ceramic heating coil. This generates significantly more powerful heating energy without burning the marijuana oil, as it operates at a low temperature. Furthermore, the configuration of the ceramic has been redesigned, increasing the oil conduction rate by 17%. The device is compatible with a wide range of marijuana oils, including Delta 8 THC oil, THC-P, THC-H, THC-B, Delta 9 THC oil, distillate oil, live resin oil, rosin oil, mixed oils, CBD oil, and more.


- Dimension : 28*15*90mm

- Oil Capacity : 2ml and 3ml

- Battery Capacity: 400mah

- Variable voltage : 3.0V-3.2V-3.6V ( L-M-H digital screen display )

- Preheating voltage : 2.8V

- Ceramic Heating Coil : Dual mesh coils, lower temperature heating, no burn worries

- Resistance : 2.0 ohms, 2.3ohms, 2.5 ohms, 2.7 ohms, can be customized.

- Body material: Stainless Steel

- Charging Port: Type-C

- Color Options: Normal Black and white, other colors can be customized.


- Central Metal Post Free

- Cotton and Glue Free

- Dual ceramic mesh coil, Huge Vapors, low temperature heating

- Dual Airflow channels avoid clogging

- Easy one-step capping

- Digital screen display voltage and battery capacity

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