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Advantages of electronic cigarettes over cigarettes.


1. The EU-certified smoke liquid has been refined and has no tar or carcinogens;

2. Long-term adherence to use can replace cigarettes for tobacco control or smoking cessation;

3. Electronic cigarettes have no harm of second-hand smoke and can be used in non-smoking places such as cars and bars;

4. The appearance of electronic cigarettes is elegant and the functions are fashionable and trendy, which can be smoked by men, women and children.

5. The electronic cigarette is charged and used, does not burn, is convenient and simple to use, and has no fire hazard;

6. When inhaling, you can swallow clouds and puff, which can satisfy the habit of smokers for many years from the heart and physiologically;

7. It can suck out the aroma without the smell of smoke;

8. It can refresh the mind, refresh the mind and produce pleasure and excitement.

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