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Latest Regulation on Vape products in Philippine


According to Philippine media Philstar reported on April 25, the Philippine Department of Health said that like tobacco products, electronic cigarettes or vaping products on the Philippine market will soon be accompanied by graphic health warnings.

The Ministry of Health has released the first set of graphic health warning templates (GHW) for vaping nicotine, nicotine-free products and new tobacco products.

"The new graphic health warning template will come into full effect on May 12, 2024," the ministry of Health announced in a statement.

Manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of vaped nicotine, nicotine-free and new tobacco products who fail to comply with the graphic health warning will pay a fine of 2 million (US $34,591) to 5 million (US $86,478) Philippine pesos. Producers, distributors and retailers who violate the rules could also face up to six years in prison and have their licenses revoked, the health ministry said. Without the proper GHW, the IRS may also ban or seize vaped nicotine and non-nicotine products. Foreign offenders will also be deported for violating graphic health warning requirements.

The ministry called on the public to report violations of the illustrated health warnings directly to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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