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Regulation of Electronic Cigarette License will be implemented in Malaysia ?


The recent viral news that Malaysia will launch a "License system", enterprises holding the national Electronic cigarette license (Electronic Vape Liquid/Gel Production License) will become the standard to regulate the market, and there are already enterprises to obtain, is this true?

Ridhwan Rosli, secretary-general of the Malaysian e-Cigarette Chamber of Commerce, said that at present, as a whole, no single licence/permit can guarantee the legal compliance of companies related to e-cigarettes in Malaysia.

In general, Malaysia's e-cigarette regulatory system is similar to other food and drug consumer goods, which is divided into three levels: federal, state and local. The three levels are relatively independent of each other, and legislation has its own proposal and adoption mechanism, and law enforcement basically does not interfere with each other. So to be compliant in Malaysia, you need to be compliant at all levels.

During 2024, it is the licensing system of e-cigarette shops that is sparking discussion. The idea was put forward by Khairy Jamaluddin, Malaysia's former health minister. Sources from the current Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad said that he will submit a memorandum paper to the Cabinet on the proposed regulations under the Public Health Control of Smoking Products Act 2024 (Bill 852). In the document, former minister Keri Jamaluddin suggested that the government should introduce a licensing system to limit the sale of e-cigarettes to licensed specialty stores.

Riedwan Rosli said it was possible that the companies in the article had "nicotine product licenses" similar to those of traditional tobacco manufacturers.

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