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2022 World Vape Show Dubai


World Vape Show Dubai

16th-18th 2022

Dubai World Trade Center

The Vape show was really a successful event in vape industry in 2022 . more than 200 brands , manufacturers and distributors all around the world attended it.  During this vape show , many brands and manufacturers released the newest electronic cigarettes for local and worldwide customers : like disposable vapes, pod vapes, open system vapes, refillable vapes and even cbd oil vape devices. Dubai vape show was already a world trade center and one of the biggest platform for international e-cigarette manufacturers and big brands to launch their new products and establish business partnership.

At this vape show , Dican technology released the newly designed 2500 puffs disposable vape and novel closed pod vape kit . 

For the 2500 puffs disposable vapes , we offer 12 premium flavors and nico salt strength 20mg .

Nice design , 100% different from current stick style disposable vapes on the market . 

Premium taste experience . With mesh coil and low resistance bring your huge vapors and pure tastes.

Click the link for details :

For the pod vape kit . we offer 3 eye-catching color options . It deserves the best closed pod vape in the world ! We offered same 12 premium flavors as 2500 puffs disposable vape. It used the mesh coil but the heating core and e-liquid tank are separate which will ensure the maximum fresh of the tastes.

Click the link for details:

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