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How to use a vape to blow smoke rings?

It's not as hard as it looks to use vape to blow thick smoke rings into the air.
1. Incomplete inhalation of smoke. Keep the smoke in your throat, not just in your mouth. It's a bit of a get used to thing. It might cause coughing.
2. Bend your tongue toward your throat. Close your mouth and curl your tongue as close to the bottom of your mouth as you can to get the smoke out of your lips.
3. Make an "O" mouth. Don't be too tight between your lips and leave plenty of space.
4. Slowly exhale a small amount of smoke, tightening your throat to squeeze the air out. When you feel the pressure, the smoke is spewed out quickly. Try not to breathe, hold your chin still, and push a little air out of your throat.
5.Once you have mastered this skill, smoke rings become very simple. Stick to your lips when a little air is pushed out of your mouth. Make sure your tongue is deep in the back of your mouth and there is room for enough smoke to form circles around your eyes, then exhale to blow it out.

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